Bohinich .

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 30 (2019),
58-66 p.

DOI: 10.33663/0869-2491-2019-30-58-66

Bohinich . Representative Democracy: Modern Challenges and Threats

Democracy is known to be the most widespread form of government organization in the world. Unfortunately, lately civil society has faced significant claims to this form of government. The aforesaid refers to this kind of representative democracy. Given the special importance of this political institution for the fate of mankind, it is necessary to analyze the state of its present state, to identify obstacles that hinder its normal functioning, and, therefore, to ensure the improvement of practical forms of realization of its potential.

The latest developments in the world convincingly testify to the systemic crisis of this form of government. First of all, mass demonstrations in France, known as the uprising of yellow waistcoats, the victory of Republicans in the US presidential race, where the post of presidential candidate was elected unsystematic politician Donald Trump, the victory of a similar charisma for the presidency of Brazil, Jair Bolsonor, the winner in parliamentary elections in Italy representatives of the little known Midnight League Mateo Salvini and The Five-Star Movement by Luigi Di Mayo, the founder of which was the well-known comedian Beppe Grillo. The two revolutions in Ukraine, the Orange and the Revolution of Dignity, are also on this trend, demonstrating the failure of the existing political system, especially representative democracy institutes, to satisfy the interests of citizens who delegated the last part of their powers in the field of common affairs.

According to most scholars and prominent politicians, the main reason for the stagnation of representative democracy lies in the ideology of globalization, which, to the detriment of national traditions, unifies all standards of social life. The political elites of many countries of the world joined this ideology, which was not always shared by ordinary voters who saw globalization as a threat to their identity (national, social, economic, etc.). The aforementioned policy has found its implementation in the appropriate legal regulation of social relations, making political ideas mandatory models of behavior for millions of citizens, which caused in recent opposition to passive forms of rejection their neglect, to active forms of protest (for example, as in France, the movement of yellow vests).

Thus, the main reason for the crisis of representative democracy is the lack of proper communication between deputies and their voters, due to the lack of proper ongoing control by the latter on their representatives, which in turn is complicated by the lack of appropriate mechanisms for withdrawing such representatives in the event of violation of their election promises. All of these shortcomings stem from the concept of having a free (not imperative) mandate from the MP, which is known to be a widespread ideology of contemporary Western parliamentarism. From our point of view, this idea just turned out to be a systemic disadvantage that could ruin the whole system of representative democracy, which is why it is subject to mandatory review.

Key words: representative democracy, democracy, popular sovereignty, imperative mandate.


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