Kostenko O. M.

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 30 (2019),
328-335 p.

DOI: 10.33663/0869-2491-2019-30-328-335

Kostenko O. M. Terrorism: Concept and Resistance to It in the Light of Social Naturalism

Based on his research, the author formulates, in particular, the following conclusions.

Terrorism is any action that takes place with the use of terror. Terrorist crimes are crimes committed by terror as a method of criminal encroachment. Terror is the arbitrary creation of danger, which can affect the will of people.

Terrorists are individuals whose will is in a state of arbitrariness, and consciousness - in a state of illusions. This is happening under the influence of the crisis of social culture of people in society. Personality, which formed a complex of arbitrariness and illusions, is struck by the same social pathology and therefore called sociopathic personality. Hence the pattern: terrorists are only sociopathic individuals involved in those or other social conflicts - political, economic, interdenominational, moral, racial, etc.

According to the author of the cultural-repressive concept, the counteraction to terrorism should have the following structure:

A. General block. Measures aimed at: 1) against the formation of so-called complex of arbitrariness and illusions in people, the manifestation of which there is any crime, including terrorist act; 2) against the manifestation of this complex in the form of crimes, including terrorist acts. Radical among these measures in accordance with the cultural-repressive concept should be considered the formation of social (political, economic, legal, moral) culture of citizens in unity with the use of punishment for the terrorist attacks (according to the formula culture plus punishment).

B. Special block. Measures aimed at eliminating the terrible situations (ie, social conflicts), as well as the possibilities of using criminal technologies that are suitable for creating danger to people. These measures include, in particular, the study of anti-terrorist services of social conflicts that can become terrorist situations and technology activities of various associations, whose members are struck by a complex of arbitrariness and illusions. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop appropriate methods for diagnosing terrorist situations and the complex of arbitrariness and illusions among those who are in these situations and foreseeing the realization of this complex in the form of terrorism in conditions of terogenic situations (social conflicts).

Key words: terror, terrorism, terrorist act, globalization of terrorism, counteraction to terrorism, social naturalism.


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