Krasilich N.D.

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 30 (2019),
238-248 p.

DOI: 10.33663/0869-2491-2019-30-238-248

Krasilich N.D. Ecological and legal problems of municipal solid waste management and the prospects for their resolution.

The article is devoted to the environmental and legal problems of municipal solid waste management in the context of the decentralization of power in Ukraine. The culture of domestic and other waste management in Ukraine remains at an extremely low level. Despite the rather extensive legislative framework governing the treatment of domestic waste, the rules of the relevant acts are largely declarative. The problem of improving the management of household waste, minimizing their negative impact on the environment is currently in the plane of not law-making, and the right to implement. The main factors contributing to this situation are the dispersion of regulatory requirements for domestic waste management, the lack of a clear separation of powers of state authorities and local self-government bodies in this area, duplication of management functions, lack of coordination of local government activities, failure of local government authorities to meet requirements, determined by the legislation on waste, lack of incentives for the inclusion of waste as a secondary raw material in production, insufficiency mechanisms for monitoring compliance with legal and natural persons requirements in the field of domestic waste management.

In the process of deepening decentralization, the role of local self-government bodies in the issues of municipal solid waste management is significantly increasing. It is precisely the local communities that should become the primary source of the countrys waste management system, since at the local level these problems are more visible and priority for the local population. The achievement of positive results in the field of waste management depends to a large extent on the support of appropriate measures by civil society. The culture of household waste management in Ukraine has to change significantly. Each territorial community should have a household waste management program that will be co-ordinated with the relevant program at the district and oblast level.

Considerable funds, receipts from budgets of different levels, as well as the use of alternative sources of funding are necessary for the complex solution of the problems of utilization and disposal of municipal solid waste. These problems can be solved by applying the mechanism of cooperation of territorial communities, with the help of which additional opportunities for territorial communities will be created by combining financial and material resources to solve common problems with the establishment and implementation of household waste management systems.

Key words: municipal solid waste, waste management, decentralization, territorial communities, local self-government, environmental protection.


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