Kresin O.V.

Yearly journal of scientific articles ôPravova derzhavaö Volume 30 (2019),
383-391 p.

DOI: 10.33663/0869-2491-2019-30-383-391

Kresin O.V. International law Regulation of UN Peacekeeping Activities

The article proposes the classification of types of normative acts regulating UN peaceČkeeping activities: the UN Charter, international legal instruments to which UN acts are apČpealed; UN conventions ratified by member states; Acts of the General Assembly; Security Council resolutions; joint resolutions of the General Assembly and the UN Security Council; reports, statements, communications from the Secretary-General to the Security Council or to the General Assembly, approved or taken into account by one of these bodies or both; the results of analytical studies carried out at the request of the governing bodies of the United NaČtions and then taken into account and for consideration by the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Secretary-General, two of these bodies or all of them; UN agreements on peaceČkeeping activities with other international organizations, as well as unilateral acts of interČnational organizations regarding cooperation with the UN, recognized by the last; directives and guidelines of the UN Secretary-General; official documents of the UN Secretariat and its departments; unofficial documents of the UN Secretariat and its departments. The complexity of the latter group is that the documents are formally doctrinal, but are used as normative.

The establishment of the operational international law in the framework of the internaČtional security law, in the first place on the basis of official and unofficial documents of the UN Secretariat, for the last two decades is argued. The analysis of the UN peacekeeping reform, which manifests itself in the reorganization of its organizational and financial aspects, stanČdardization of approaches and procedures is presented.

Key words: peacekeeping, United Nations, peacekeeping operation, aggression.


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