Tymoshchuk Viktor

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 30 (2019),
289-297 p.

DOI: 10.33663/0869-2491-2019-30-289-297

Tymoshchuk Viktor. Effectiveness and legal implementation of the intermunicipal cooperation of administrative services

The article examines the issues of using the mechanism of cooperation of territorial communities on the example of administrative services area, in order to attract attention both to the issues of compliance with the law in this activity and to finding an effective and sufficient form of state control over these relations. In the conditions of decentralization reform in Ukraine local self-government authorities are getting more and more power from state authorities. At the same time, when using this new for our country mechanism on combining resources and efforts, there are many open and debatable issues that require an attention from legal science and are of great value to practice. First of all, it concerns the choice of a proper, that is, optimal and legitimate, form of cooperation. Administrative law science once again faces the issues of the institute of powers delegation, interpretations of other law categories (such as institution, governing body) and of the impact of civil law characteristics of government bodies as legal entities on public relations. Special attention is paid to the current opportunities for the using inter-municipal cooperation on the establishing CASPs and derivative access points to administrative services long-distance workplaces of administrators, territorial units of CASPs. This is precisely what allows saving public resources and a joint strengthening the capacity of local authorities. The article contains some proposals on improving legislation to facilitate the using inter-municipal cooperation in the field of administrative services. It is also suggested to consider the introduction of state control over the compliance with the law during the process of selecting proper forms of cooperation, adherence to the procedure on concluding contracts, as it responds both to the interests of territorial communities and the interests of the state.

Key words: intermunicipal cooperation, cooperation of territorial communities, administrative services, decentralization, control.


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