Yushchyk O.

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 30 (2019),
112-119 p.

DOI: 10.33663/0869-2491-2019-30-112-119

Yushchyk O. Doctrinal approach a necessary condition for political and legal reforms in Ukraine

The article notes the negative trend of deterioration in the quality of public authority in the development of modern Ukrainian statehood. It has been established that the main reason for this trend is the existing political system in Ukraine. The necessity of reforming the political system through the constitutional process, priorities, methods and directions of reforming public authority in Ukraine is substantiated. The issues of strategy and tactics of constitutional development, the material and procedural aspects of the constitutional process in Ukraine are characterized. It is concluded that the adoption of a new version of the Constitution at a referendum becomes a key element in the implementation of the strategy of the constitutional process, on which the success of political and legal reforms depends, and with them the reform of all other spheres of social life.

It is argued that the Constitution of Ukraine, initiated by citizens and adopted at an all- Ukrainian referendum, will create a real opportunity to consolidate the necessary parliamentary-presidential (or parliamentary) form of government and the corresponding public-governmental institutions, and to confirm the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine as a unitary state within existing borders, the preservation of which for our society is strategically important in terms of security.

The constitutional foundations on which the political reform should be based are defined. A critical assessment was made of the state-legal reforms carried out by the government, their anti-democratic orientation. On the example of judicial reform, the need for a high-quality legal doctrine acceptable for the development of a scientifically based strategy and tactics of the reformation approval of Ukraine as a democratic, social, legal state is emphasized.

Key words: political system, political reform, legal reform, constitutional process, legal doctrine.