Makarenko Larysa

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 31 (2020), 89-98 p.

Makarenko Larysa. Actual problems of formation of legal culture in Ukraine at the present stage

Introduction. The scientific article analyzes the features of legal culture of Ukraine, which is in the status of a national legal culture has absorbed not only by a common legal culture, but also special about it and specific to a given legal culture. Provided that there are no two identical legal systems, and no two identical legal cultures. Each national legal culture is developing in a separate society, which has its own cultural characteristics, its own history, develops in particular natural and historical conditions; and that primarily is due to the specificity of state-legal development of society, and therefore the specifics of the national legal culture.

Noted that the peculiarities of formation and development of legal system of Ukraine at its initial stage are the objective factors that significantly influenced the development of legal culture of Ukraine, and with it at the societal, group and individual perception of the new law in the minds of the people and their choice of the relevant legal values. It is argued that under adverse and highly controversial economic, social and state-legal development of Ukraine in the early 90-ies, national legal culture is acquired not progressive, and chaotic and even regressive trend of its development. By the authorities to attempt to reform society, including the state and legal reform, led mainly to the opposite effect, to the increasingly obvious destruction of the system of state administration and legal system, to the denial of the principle of legality and criminality, corruption, and systematic disregard for and violations of the ruling subjects of human rights. Therefore, instead of approval in public life generally accepted legal values in Ukraine today questioned the value of the law and legal nihilism entered level generally threatening the company's existence.

The aim of the article. To find out the problems of the formation and development of legal culture in Ukraine, taking into account certain aspects of it to cover them in this article.

Results. When talking about the formation of legal culture, it is noted in the literature, apparently, mean measures that create for this process, the necessary conditions, providing the opportunity to the highest degree manifest objective factors that should serve as a conditions of development of legal culture of a society in transition. However, the objectivity of the process of formation of legal culture of society does not mean elimination of human factor from the process. It is also alleged that in the professional legal culture on the legal culture in Ukraine, a special place belongs to the legal culture of lawmakers because of the level of their professional training, legal culture depends on the quality of laws, the timely and proper amendments and additions to the existing legislation with a view to its improvement. The actions of the lawmakers form the authority of the government, contribute to a proper understanding of the law, the observance of the current legislation. For legislative success is essential continuous professional legal culture of direct participants. As shown by practical experience, a high level of professional legal culture of the participant of the legislative process reaches the combining of the two requirements. The first involves the education of the participant of the legislative process, his personal conviction of the need of observance of laws in everyday life. The second is directly connected with the process of obtaining the quality of professional knowledge regarding the mechanism of creating laws and the legal system and develop skills to professionally apply that knowledge.

Conclusions. The authors mainly focus not on the characteristics of the development and current state of national legal culture and on various aspects of relations "society-state" in whose context also refers to the legal culture in its private manifestations, and expressed opinions relative to problems of formation in Ukraine of a higher level or better quality of legal culture. But without a clear understanding of the specific and the real state of the national legal culture of Ukraine can not develop the necessary tools and levers of formation of legal culture necessary for the effective functioning of the national legal system.

Key words: legal system, legal culture, national legal culture, professional legal culture, legal consciousness.


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