Onishchenko Natalia

Yearly journal of scientific articles “Pravova derzhava” Volume 33 (2022), 123-130 p.

DOI: 10.33663/1563-3349-2022-33-123-130

Onishchenko Natalia. Legal determinants as factors of infl uence on legal development: nature and essential aspects

Introduction: Determination as a phenomenon of social reality is found (studied) in many areas (directions) of scientifi c knowledge. This term is used in the humanitarian sciences (philology, history); in natural sciences (biology, ecology, geophysical geology, etc.); used in mathematics and computer science, etc.However, the most detailed study of this category is obtained in philosophical studies: a) causes – consequences (ie determination of the phenomenon), b) determination – as a general connection between phenomena, c) possibility – reality, interaction and relationship, and so on. Taking into account the above, an idea of a «sound» research base on the phenomenon of determination can be formed – as an independent scientifi c category that has gained more or less study in the spatial and temporal realities development of scientifi c knowledge. However, unfortunately, this is not true. Especially when it comes to the legal sphere, legal reality. Although the study of the determinants of the law, would certainly provide an opportunity for «vector» elaboration of legal requirements, ie appropriate analysis, prognosis «for the future», to understand the eff ectiveness or reduce the «effi ciency index» of a rule under the infl uence of factors not taken into account during their adoption. That is, taking into account the rhythmic action or «conversely» a certain determinant will allow «certain development», and therefore take into account the risks that may weaken or even eliminate the eff ect of the legal norm necessary for society.

Purpose of the article: the purpose of the article is to emphasize the need to study the category of «legal determinant»; designation of its defi nition in the context of the relationship with the category of «determination». A separate vector off ers a study of the impact of legal determinants on legal development.

Conclusions. Despite the human dimension of law proclaimed by the Constitution of Ukraine (Articles 3, 21, 48), the actual situation of a person today does not correspond to these ideals and perspective. Another determinant of «priority» value in this context may be the determinant of equality. Of particular concern are the imbalance of the economy, the extremely deformed structure of production, and the distorted system of property relations, much of which is based on shady, corrupt principles. There is a real perspective of consolidating these dangerous phenomena, especially in the face of tough foreign intervention by Russia. All this cannot but aff ect the guarantees of ensuring and the very mechanism of ensuring fundamental human rights. Fundamental rights are a prerequisite for their existence, on the one hand, the existence of a state that guarantees and protects them, on the other – the balance of this state and a developed civil society. It is clear that in this context the problem of harmonious legal development is of great importance, which, in our opinion, is associated with the problem of further study of legal determinants – as factors infl uencing the legal relations of modern society.

Key words: determinant, determination, legal determinant, legal development, legal system.


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