Pravova derzhava. Volume 30 (2019)

Pravova derzhava. Volume 30(2019)

Yearly journal of scientific articles
Pravova derzhava Volume 30 (2019)


Shemshuchenko Yu. S.  INSTITUTIONAL ASPECTS OF ORGANIZATION JURISPRUDENCE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN UKRAINE. To the 70th anniversary of the Institute of State and Law VM Koretsky of the NAS of Ukraine 3-23

Section 1.
The proplems of the theory of state and law

Onischenko N.M. Human Rights Control: The Dichotomy of Influence 24-28
Parkchomenko N. M. Theoretical and practical background of legal regulation in the modern Ukraine 29-35
Bobrovnik S. Law enforcement acts: nature, essence and place in the system of legislation 35-43
Malyshev Borys. Theoretical and legal aspects of the precedent-setting legal norm - 43-52
Tarakhonych T. Modeling method as a means of optimization of legal regulation - 52-58
Bohinich . Representative Democracy: Modern Challenges and Threats - 58-66
Makarenko L. . The National Dominant in the Legal Culture - 67-76
Lvova O. L. The Idea of power in the Reformation: Jan Hus, Martin Luther, Jean Calvin - 76-84
Sunegin S. Legal ideology: the material and spiritual factors of formation and development in the context of modern realities - 84-95
Vasetsky Viacheslav. Legal anthropology: philosophical aspects from the standpoint of the position of the person in society - 96-102

Section 2
The problems of constitutional law and local government

Skrypniuk . V. The constitution of the UPR 1918 and the contemporary constitutionalism 103-112
Yushchyk O. Doctrinal approach a necessary condition for political and legal reforms in Ukraine -112-119
Zaichuk O. The problems of obtaining, loss, deprivation of citizenship in the Ukrainian Peoples Republic (UNR) and Western Ukranian Peoples Republic (ZUNR) 119-126
Batanov .V. Actual problems of constitutional and legal provision of gender equality in local self-government: domestic and international experience 126-138
Kostetska T. About control in the information sphere in the context of decentralization of power 138-147
Batanova Nataliya. Constitutional control and constitutional and legal responsibility: conceptual problems of correlation and interaction -147-155

Section 3.
History of state and law. History of legal science

Muzyka I. V. Some actual theoretical and methodological problems of modern historical-legal science 156-163
V. T. Okipniuk. State therapy as a element of totalitary governance system in Ukraine in 1929-1953 163-173
Bondaruk T.I. Historical and legal research in the context of the new humanities: some trends and accents 173-180
Ivanova Anastasiia. Constitution of the Ukrainian Peoples Republic : on history of creation -181-191
Samoilenko O. O. The State Service of the Imperial Period as an object of study of modern Ukrainian scholars 192-199
Malyshev O. O. Hadrians division of treasure and the Archaeological law - 200-209
Khudoiar L. V. Origins of the principle of equality in the European constitutionalism of the late XVIII early XIX century 209-217

Section 4.
The urgent problems of environmental, land, space and civil law

Malysheva Nataliia. Remote sensing of the Earth from outer space is not only a technical problem 218-229
Kulinich Pavlo. Purposes of Land Law of Ukraine  - 230-238
Krasilich N.D. Ecological and legal problems of municipal solid waste management and the prospects for their resolution 238-248
Kuznietsova S.V General characteristics and some reasons for the emergence of relations in the field of climate protection - 248-257
Anna Hurova, Comparative analysis of authorization of space activity in Ukrainian and French legislation - 258-267
Babaskin A. Supplementary payment as a way for provision of execution of liabilities - 268-276

Section 5.
The problems of administrative law and public administration

Andriiko O. F., Banchuk O. A. The forms and methods of administrative control in the conditions of decentralization of executive power 277-289
Tymoshchuk Viktor. Effectiveness and legal implementation of the intermunicipal cooperation of administrative services 289-297
Isaeva N. K. Organizational and legal bases of financial control in Ukraine in the context of decentralization of power 298-304
Kysil L.E. Administrative and legal aspects of the control of bodies of state executive power concerning the implementation of the powers delegated to local authorities 304-312
Derets V.A. Administartive law principles' of the reform of local executive authorities 312-319
Vorotina Nataliia. Parliamentary control in the public sector: theoretical problems and features of legal regulation 319-327

Section 6.
The problems of the criminal law and the criminal procedure

Kostenko O. M. Terrorism: Concept and Resistance to It in the Light of Social Naturalism 328-335
Kvasha O. Judicial administration for judicial advice for appointment of penalties for non-expected personally serious crimes 335-343
Zahynei Zoia. Victim in article 46 of the Criminal code of Ukraine: some problems of interpretation 343-352
Kubalskiy Vladyslav. Problems of criminal law countering collaboration activities 353-360
Kozliuk L. G. Some aspects of counter-action to ecological criminality in Ukraine 361-368
Nersesian Armen. Theoretical Aspects of Procedural Liability in Criminal Justice 368-374

Section 7.
The problems of international law

Denyssov V. N. World war and international law. 100 years to the First world war 19141918 375-383
Kresin O.V. International law Regulation of UN Peacekeeping Activities 383-391
Savchuk K. O. Professor Johann Baptist Schad and the formation of university science of international law in Ukraine at the beginning of the XIX century 392-398
Protsenko I. The rights of foreigners as a component of the OSCEs human dimension - 398-407
Falaleeva L. H. Rfrm of Court of Justice of the European Union and practice of fundamental rights protection 407-418
Bohdana V. Ostrovska. The right to life protection in the context of the solution of actual bioethical problems in international law 419-425
Plavic V. P. Systemic application of international law in the internal (national) legal order of Ukrain 425-434

Section 8.
The problems of the legal political science

Kresina I. O., Stoyko . M. Liberalization, selectivity and integration key elements of modern migration policy 435-442
Gorbatenko V.P. Problems and prospects of the formation of an alternative civilization - 442-450
Yavir V. A. Conceptual, political and legal principles of ethnocultural autonomy as a mechanism of counteraction to ethnopolitical disintegration of Ukraine - 450-458
Kukuruz O. Transformation processes in scientific approaches of Polish scientists 458-464

Section 9.
Tribune of young scientist

Meniuk Daryna. The exceptional circumstances as a novel of civil procedural legislature of Ukraine 465-473
Tokarchuk O. National motives of the state structure in political and legal think of the Ukrainian intellectuals of the 20-30th of the 20th century 473-483
Deineka K.O. The principles of codification technique: the essence, nature, purpose 483-492
Liashenko R.D. Casual judicial interpretation: concept and principles 492-498
Roman Kvasha. Counteraction of crime among juvenileas priority direction of state policy 499-506
Levenets Borys. The problem of distinguishing the stages of judicial enforcement - 507 -513
Barchuk A. Postgraduaye of the Department of Theory of State and Law National Academy of Internal Affairs 513-520