Gorbatenko Volodymyr

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 31 (2020), 505-514 p.

Gorbatenko Volodymyr. Principles of Political and Legal Research

The principles of political and legal research are analyzed as an important direction, the theoretical and practical potential of which helps to optimize the management of the state and society. Against this background, implemented: understanding the need for a combination of political and legal knowledge; definition and characterization of the basic principles of political and legal research; identification of their content, orientation and application features.

Political and legal research as an important area, whose theoretical and practical potential is aimed at optimizing the management of the state and society, is based on a number of important scientific principles that allow to optimally approach the understanding of certain segments of political and legal life. The basic principles of such are: epistemological principle (allows to know the mechanisms and patterns of interaction between politics and law, to deepen the knowledge of the existing political reality in which the right is exercised, to understand the structural and functional links of political and legal factors, the possibility of providing their feedback. ulcers); the principle of systematicity (which implies that politics and law, on the one hand, are seen as an integrity directed at common objects and, on the other, as a set of relatively independent elements whose properties and functions are determined by their place in the political or legal systems); integrative principle (focuses on the combination of political and legal approaches, which means the identification of related problems, as well as the willingness to move from one type of interpretation to another depending on social needs); the principle of alternative (associated with the possibility of developing political and legal life in different trajectories, subject to different relationships and structures); the principle of coordination of theory and practice (along with the theoretical substantiation of a particular scientific problem involves the practical assessment of available resources, human resources, regulatory framework, taking into account the positions and opinions of statesmen, identifying the priorities of the activities of various institutions and centers of influence). The application of these principles will allow to deepen and optimize the study of the same phenomena and processes not only from different angles, but also in the affinity and intricacies of interconnections and mutual influence, which is most characteristic of such important directions of social and state development, which are politics and law. .

Key words: politics, law, political and legal research, political and legal knowledge, principles of political and legal research.


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