Kulynych Pavlo

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 31 (2020), 260-270 p.

Kulynych Pavlo. Completion of Land Reform in Ukraine: Legal Issues

The article examines the purpose and criteria for completing land reform in Ukraine. Land reform in Ukraine as a system of land reform legislation in the country, along with positive results, led to the onset of a number of negative consequences, in particular, the excessive bureaucratization of land relations, land corruption, agroholdings agriculture, degradation of agricultural land. Therefore, without addressing the negative consequences of the land reform they will be after the cancellation of the land moratorium and the negative impact on the legal regulation of the land market. Therefore, the introduction of market circulation of agricultural land cannot be considered a criterion of completion of land reform in Ukraine. In fact, besides the cancellation of the land moratorium, which blocks the implementation of the land owners of such proprietary rights as the disposing of it to ensure the full potential of the right of private ownership of land should be improved and legal environment in which there will be implementation of the owners of his powers. To do this, it seems appropriate to continue to reform the land legislation, which would ensure the elimination of such disadvantages by overcoming derzhkomzviazku in the development of land legislation, deregulation of the legal regulation of land relations, the decentralization of power in the field of land resources management and strengthen the legal protection of soil fertility. The results of this land reform legislation needs to be fixed for the new codification. So domestic experience in the implementation of land reform and the General framework of land reform legislation give rise to the conclusion that its purpose and, therefore, the criterion to end is not only the introduction of agricultural land market and creation of favorable for both land owners and society legal environment of implementing powers in respect of possession, use and disposal of land. In our opinion, this understanding of the completion of the land reform in Ukraine and will symbolize the completion of the transition from administrative-planned methods of regulation of land relations on the principle of top down, which is dominated by the powers of bodies of state power, inherent in the constitutional state system of legal regulation of land relations, which is based on the priority of the rights and legitimate interests of individuals, the territorial communities and society, which must provide the state. 

Key words: land reform, land law, land market, deregulation, decentralization, codification of land legislation.


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