Tymchenko Hennadiy

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 31 (2020), 316-325 p.

Tymchenko Hennadiy. The system of principles of civil justice in Ukraine: problematic issues of genesis, structure and forms of legislative consolidation.

The article analyzes the system of principles of civil procedure. The basis of the proposed understanding and the author's approach to the study is the need of a wider interpretation of the concept, which is considered as its legislative regulation restricts the possibility of studying phenomena only quantitative indicators. To characterize the system as an abstract model of cognition and in the context of improvement of legal technique, it is important to identify the real relationship principles, and the degree of conditionality and complementarity with each other, and the relationship of the evolution of social relations and structures of the system, the ratio of its elements with other provisions of law.

The author proves that the system of principles of justice as part of the typology of modern processes should be determined initially only desirable model of proceedings, limiting this approach to legislative discretion, and notes the possibility of in-depth knowledge of the system structure only at the intersection of different knowledge, not only and not so much for the procedural doctrine. This will facilitate the allocation of objective factors, the emergence and formation of this system and its development. Such factors include the nature and essence of the state system, economic and political condition of the state, values and priorities that have developed in society at the present stage of its development, the expectations and needs of the society in judicial protection, judicial practice, the goals and objectives of the proceedings, the historical factors that determined the nature of the proceedings, the achievements of legal science.

Analyzing the code of civil procedure of Ukraine, the researcher critically evaluates legislative solution to the problem of principles in civil proceedings. The author notes the influence of European legal thought on domestic justice and his doctrine, the gradual process of adaptation of our legislation to the European standards of judicial protection, the convergence of the different procedural cultures. In this regard, the increasingly manifest trend add-ons of civil procedure, following rule of law, with new provisions that apply for considering them as principles and represent the foreign theory and practice.

Key words: principle, procedure, system principles, the rule of law, European standards of judicial protection, legal certainty.


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