Bondaruk Tetiana

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 32 (2021),
106-111 p.

Bondaruk Tetiana. Historical and legal discourse in the context of classical and postclassical legal understanding

ntroduction. Historical and legal science, as well as the science of law in general, is acutely faced with challenges related to the new stage of development of humanities knowledge and the corresponding change of research paradigm that occurs during the struggle between classical and nonclassical (postclassical) types of legal understanding

he aim of the article. hese processes need to be understood and "adapted" in particular in the historical and legal discourse. In particular, it is proposed to analyze the phenomenon of deformation of the phenomenon of law, and the resulting differentiation of the subject, in particular in historical and legal research, and the coherence of research tools offered within the classical and nonclassical types of legal understanding

Results. Modern methodological research is a natural reaction of the domestic legal process to the dominance of the monistic materialist approach to the study of legal phenomena, which actualizes anthropological and axiological approaches. Both anthropologization and axiologization of law cause the deformalization of the phenomenon of law, creating a conceptual

In the light of the above, it seems important to consider in relation to the relationship such concepts as legal reality (historical and legal reality), legal life, legal system as central, and legal space, legal field, legal environment as peripheral. At the same time, attention is drawn to the normative nature of the legal system, the ontological nature of legal reality, the inconsistency of legal life as a starting point in the choice of methodological tools.

Introduction to the historical and legal discourse of ontological metaphors: legal communication, legal event, legal life, legal space, legal field, legal environment, etc., will activate the intersubjective model of knowledge of law as a sociocultural phenomenon, draw attention to the dynamics of law, using an arsenal of non-classical methodology.

Conclusions. An overview of some trends that lead to a change in the object and subject of jurisprudence shows a radical change in its methodology, which should form research tools to answer new research questions. This process is part of the process of modern cultivation of integrated thinking as opposed to or in addition to analytical and systemic, which is characterized by consideration of reality in mechanistic categories, and, being irreversible, requires appropriate historical and legal reflections

Key words: classical and non-classical type of legal understanding, historical and legal discourse, anthropology of law, axiology of law.


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