Mnatsakanian Siuzanna

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava Volume 32 (2021),
539-544 p.

Mnatsakanian Siuzanna. Interim measures as human rights protection instruments: to the problem statement

Conceptual approaches to defining the nature and the scope of interim measures implementation as an instrument of human rights protection at international and national level are analyzed. The widespread use of interim measures as international standard of urgent respond to alleged violations of human rights has not led to the implementation of the legal institute concerned at the national level. Accordingly, this analysis aimed at defining the grounds of interim measures as human rights protection instrument application to be used by the state as an immediate response to human rights violations and possible violations. 

European Court of Human Rights has a great practice of interim measures granting. Interim measures are granted by the Court only in clearly defined conditions, namely where there is a risk that serious violations of the Convention might occur. A high proportion of requests for interim measures are inappropriate and are therefore refused. Besides, interim measures are applied upon request of the applicant claiming about alleged violations of his or her human rights. 

At the national level interim measures should/may be granted upon request of the applicant or by the duty-bearers initiative to prevent possible human rights violations. The grounds of interim measures granting should also be defined the best international practice should be used taking into account the Ukrainian context. Another core issue analyzed is defining duty-bearers subjects enforced to grant interim to prevent abuse in the sphere concerned. 

It is obvious that court shall be the only authority to resolve the substantive case of alleged human rights violation. However, public and local authorities shall be enabled to grant interim measures to prevent the possible violations. With this, the scope and the sphere of its application at the national level shall be broader in comparison with the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. 

Key words: human rights, interim measures, protection, legal institute, duty-bearers.


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