Yavir Vera

Yearly journal of scientific articles “Pravova derzhava” Volume 32 (2021),
489-496 p.

Yavir Vera. Politicī-legal system: structure, components and functions

²ntroduction. For the first time, based on the study of the interaction of political and legal systems, the politicī-legal system is structured, its structure, components and functions are identified. The politicī-legal system is a methodological tool designed to facilitate the study and understanding of the interdependence of policy and law. The politicī-legal system previously have been studied separately within two sciences - political science and jurisprudence. Both systems turned out to be separated on a theoretical level, although in practice they are interconnected.

Paying no attention to this interconnection at the scientific level has a negative impact on the quality and effectiveness of the regulation of public relations. The successful functioning of any state governed by the rule of law is impossible without a harmonious combination, coordinated interaction of politics and law in the management of the state and society. Therefore, the aim of the article is to structure the politicī-legal system and identify its components, to clarify the functions.

The study of such multilevel, hierarchical and interconnected phenomena, the connection between which has been ignored for a long time, requires the consideration of these objects as complex systems.  With the help of this method the following definition of the politicī-legal system is proposed in article. The politicī-legal system is a complex supersystem in which political and legal systems interact. It is a multilevel, complex, interconnected set of interactions and interrelations of politicī-legal institutions and legal means designed to regulate politicī-legal relations, and politicī-legal phenomena arising from this regulation, which ensures the stability and development of politicī-legal sphere .

Conclusions. The study of the structure, components, functions of the politicī-legal system system makes it possible to understand its essence, which is manifested in the interaction of law and politics, the peculiarities of the impact on society, the relationship with the internal and external environment. Prospects for further research in this area are inexhaustible, since the theory of political and legal system is just beginning to get scientific shape within the interdisciplinary science - legal political science.

Key words: politicī-legal system, law, politics, legal political science.


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