Makarchuk Volodymyr

Yearly journal of scientific articles “Pravova derzhava” Volume 33 (2022), 21-30 p.

DOI: 10.33663/1563-3349-2022-33-21-30

Makarchuk Volodymyr. Rashism as the most degraded stage of fascism

A new apt term rashism appeared in the political vocabulary and scientific literature in 2022 to describe the essence of an authoritarian dictatorship, militant and aggressive, which appeals to the lower instincts of the population of the state, capturing not only its marginal groups but the general public. Scholars around the world are looking for (and fi nding) common features of rashism and classical (Italian) fascism and German Nazism.

We believe that by focusing on fi nding common features in fascism, Nazism and rashism, domestic and foreign scholars overlook the diff erences. This allows the Russian side to exploit the gap, pushing the world community to profi table for themselves, and in fact – fake «diff erences» (such as the alleged multiparty system of the Russian political system).

The article focuses on the question of how rashism diff ers from fascism and Nazism. We will also examine the alleged multiparty system of the Russian parliamentary branch of government and its attitude to aggression in Ukraine and the annexation of Ukrainian state territories.

To solve this issue, a number of general and special scientifi c methods were used, public statements of Russian top offi cials and direct actions of the Russian army in Ukraine were analyzed. In total, at least five distinctive features have been identifi ed.

1. Rashism is multinational and polyreligious fascism. 2. Rashism is ultra-chauvinistic fascism. 3. Rashism is dishonest fascism. 4. Rashism is corrupt mafi a fascism. 5. Rashism is vulgar fascism.

On the other hand, rashism cannot deny its fascist nature by referring to alleged multiparty system. As of the beginning of the summer of 2022, all parties represented in the Duma jointly support the aggressive foreign policy of their state and its notorious president. Rashism is the most degraded, vulgarized fascism, which should be placed in the dustbin of history. As for the prospects for further research in this direction, we believe that they should be held mainly in the form of a direct discussion with the apologists of the «Russian world» and their ideological allies in the West. Not only depth of argumentation, but also the rapid response to the facts distortion from the opponents’ side will have a decisive importance.

Key words: rashism as a form of fascism, Russian aggression against Ukraine, the ruling party in Russia, religious institutions in Putin’s Russia.


1. Izvestnyj istorik dokazal, pochemu Rossiya fashistskoe gosudarstvo. [A famous historian has proved why Russia is a fascist state]. URL:[rus].

2. Vseukrains’ka naukova konferentsiia «Rashyzm: suchasnyj variant varvarstva (iurydychni aspekty problemy)» 25 travnia 2022 roku: Prohrama i tezy dopovidej. [Ukrainian Scientifi c Conference «Racism: a modern version of barbarism (legal aspects of the problem)» May 25, 2022: Program and abstracts] [ukr].

3. Rosiia – bat’kivschyna natsyzmu, i Hitlera rosiiany ne liubyly lyshe cherez te, scho vin zradyv Stalina. [Russia is the birthplace of Nazism, and the Russians did not like Hitler just because he betrayed Stalin] URL: [ukr].

4. Patriarh RPC peredal ikonu rukovoditelyu Rosgvardii. Zolotov: «eta ikona uskorit nashu pobedu». [The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church gave the icon to the head of the National Guard. Zolotov: «This icon will accelerate our victory.»] URL: [rus].

5. Shejkh Said Ismahilov zvernuvsia do musul’man Rosii i zaklykav do povstannia [Sheikh Saeed Ismagilov appealed to the Muslims of Russia and called for an rebellion]. URL: [ukr]. 

6. Radfed RF dav dozvil na vykorystannia rosijs’koi armii v Ukraini. The Russian Federal Council has authorized the use of the Russian army in Ukraine. URL: [ukr]. 

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8. Ibid.

9. Obstril Rosiieiu Sviatohirs’koi lavry. Scho vidomo pro zahyblykh ta poranenykh monakhiv i myrian. [Russia’s shelling of the Svyatogirsk Lavra. What is known about the dead and wounded monks and laity] URL: [ukr]. 10. «Vezhlivye lyudi». Pesnya. [«Polite people.» The song.] URL: https: // /%D0%92%D0%B5%D0%B6%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B5 _%

D0%BB%D1%8E%D0%B4%D0%B8_(%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%81%D0% BD%D1%8F [rus]. 11. Naryshkin: U Rossii nikogda ne bylo agressivnyh planov v otnoshenii Ukrainy. [Naryshkin: Russia has never had aggressive plans towards Ukraine.] URL: html [rus]. 12. Putin: esli by u babushki byli polovye organy dedushki. [Putin: if grandmother had grandfather’s genitals] URL: [rus]. 13. «Nravitsya ne nravitsya – terpi, moya krasavica»: pochemu Putin obratilsya k Volodimiru Zelenskomu s etimi slovami. [“If you like it or not, be patient, my beauty”: why Putin turned to Volodymyr Zelensky with these words] URL: [rus]. 14. U Skabeevoj uzhe obsuzhdayut zahvat Evropy. Vyzyvajte sanitarov. A serezno, oni videli svoyu armiyu? [Skabeeva is already discussing the invacion of Europe. Call the paramedics. Seriously, did they see their army?] URL: [rus]. 15. Zaharbnyky vidpravyly z Ukrainy do Rosii majzhe 60 tonn posylok [Invaders delivered 60 tons of parcels from Ukraine to Russia] URL: [ukr].

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