Kresin Oleksii

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava
Volume 34 (2023), 599-610 p.

DOI: 10.33663/1563-3349-2023-34-599-610

Kresin Oleksii. Reflections on the cognitive purpose of comparative law (comparative jurisprudence)

The article showing that the highest goal of each autonomous general legal discourse is the construction and implementation of its vision and mission as a special picture of the world a conceptualized and structured model of an aspect or fragment of reality accessible through its research program and methods. Depending on different types of scientific rationality, this picture of the world can be considered as a subject, object or goal of a scientific discipline, but it continues to be the main question of the latter, even if it is not formulated as such. The claim to the right to construct and present ones own picture of the world as common to all legal discourses has actually been and is a key point of competition and dominance between legal philosophy, legal theory and comparative jurisprudence (comparative law) during the last two centuries.

The author argues that only comparative jurisprudences awareness of its own fundamental experience and continuity, available opportunities and valuable advantages in creating a picture of the world can bring it from a semi-marginal state to a well-deserved central status among general legal disciplines in the scientific and educational agenda. In addition, a realistic and inductive picture of the world of comparative jurisprudence is better for considering and modeling the existing and potential serious challenges of legal development.

Key words: scientifi c picture of the world, cognitive goal of science, comparative law, comparative jurisprudence.


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