Onishchenko Natalia

Yearly journal of scientific articles “Pravova derzhava”
Volume 34 (2023), 20-27 p.

DOI: 10.33663/1563-3349-2023-34-20-27

Onishchenko Natalia. Civil-legal and other obligations: nature, essence, distinctive characteristics

The article analyzes the category “obligations”. It is emphasized that in addition to civil legal obligations, it is expedient (after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine) to consider (discuss) the existence of obligations that do not coincide with the above-mentioned content.

The full-scale invasion of the russian federation into Ukraine led to many destructions in various spheres of human life and infrastructural spheres of the state. Legal norms, institutions and principles take not the last place among such destructions, which include, first of all, the human right to peace, the right to life, a group of economic, personal, labor, political, etc. rights.

Apparently, it is difficult to name such a sphere that would not be affected by the above mentioned destructions. However, today we can and should also talk about the occurrence, appearance of new phenomena, including in the legal sphere, as well as new concepts (phenomena), legal least, representatives of the general theories of law. In particular, for the attention of scientists and all interested persons, we would like to present the following concept (phenomenon) of legal reality for discussion and debate. We would like to analyze the term (in the broadest sense) “obligations”, defining its nature, essence, signs and types. We will immediately note that we will consider the “usual” category of civil-law obligations and obligations that arise in the legal sphere (plane), but are not civil-law.

The purpose of the article is to emphasize the need to consider the possible separation of obligations that are “close” in nature and essence, but do not generally coincide with civil law obligations. 

Among the problematic issues of modern legal development in the mentioned context, the greatest “specific weight” falls precisely on the study of civil legal obligations in the context of processes of recodification of civil legislation (N. Kuznetsova, O. Kot, E. Kharitonov, O. Kharitonova, Y. Shevchenko).

Summarizing, we will be able to conceive that today there are all grounds for a “broader”, different only from the established consideration of the nature and essence of the phenomenon of “obligations”, namely, in addition to the nature of civil legal obligations, it is possible to distinguish “obligations” that have a different nature and essence.

In no way pretending to revise the established civil canons, we invite you to a discussion on the specified obligations and to study their nature and essence.

Key words: obligations, principles of law, civil legal obligations, justice, reasonableness, good faith.


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