Sirenko Vasyl

Yearly journal of scientific articles Pravova derzhava
Volume 34 (2023), 28-36 p.

DOI: 10.33663/1563-3349-2023-34-28-36

Sirenko Vasyl. ilitary unions, blocks an old form of ensuring state security

Introduction. The history of mankind from ancient times to the present day is accompanied by ancestral tribal international conflicts, wars and other clashes. In the constant struggle, alliances, coalitions, blocs are inevitably created between the opposing parties. It must be recognized that military blocs and alliances up to a certain time ensured both the security of the peoples participating in them, as well as victories and defeats in the course of aggressive wars of aggression.

Goal. The article outlines a doctrinal theoretical approach to understanding the content of the war taking place in Ukraine and the possibility of its termination.

The results. The reasons for the war are hidden in the depths of the interests of the conflicting parties. In order to understand the content of these interests, it is necessary to imagine the content of the interest regardless of the medium. Interest is a dependence between the need to satisfy the subject's needs and the possibility of their satisfaction through the activity of the subject, the bearer of interest. Having determined the subject's needs, it is possible to determine the possibilities of their satisfaction, as well as predict the subject's activities.

Three groups of interests regarding their carriers are highlighted: the USA and the entire West, Russia and Ukraine. It was emphasized that the further use of military alliances as an advantage of one of the conflicting parties became limited to the achievements of scientific and technological progress. The accession of Ukraine to NATO as a constitutional requirement is unconstitutional because it narrows and limits the state sovereignty of Ukraine, obliges the state power to obey a unilateral decision in international state policy. A sovereign state must be able to steer its foreign policy along an advantageous course at any time. If the Constitution obliges the state to unilaterally join NATO, limiting other areas of foreign policy, the state's sovereignty is accordingly narrowed, which is in principle unacceptable.

Conclusion. Proceeding solely from the interests of Ukraine, it is necessary for Russia to stop providing military assistance to the self-proclaimed unconstitutional quasi-state formations of the LPR and DPR and for them to dissolve themselves. Russia renounces the historically in comprehensible and unjustifiably fictional country"Novorossiya" and withdraws its troops from the territory of Ukraine. Ukraine, in turn, refuses to join NATO and returns to the status of a nuclear-free non-aligned neutralcountry, which will help ensure the territorial integrity of Ukraine. However, no federalization and autonomization should be allowed in Ukraine.

Key words: interest, needs, sovereignty, territorial integrity, military alliances,blocs, security, danger.

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