Tymoshchuk Victor

Yearly journal of scientific articles “Pravova derzhava”
Volume 34 (2023),  366-379 p.

DOI: 10.33663/1563-3349-2023-34-366-379

Tymoshchuk Victor. Determining the subject of the Law of Ukraine “On administrative procedure”

Introduction. In December 2023, the Law of Ukraine “On Administrative Procedure” (hereinafter – LAP) enters into force. The exceptional importance of the LAP lies in the fact that it should fulfill the role of a general law for solving hundreds of types of cases in the field of public administration. The main array of the subject of relations that will fall under the regulation of the LAP is relatively obvious, because they are determined by the subject factor – the activities of executive authorities and local self-government bodies, and the direction of their activity – the resolution of individual cases of specific individuals and legal entities. These relations are coveredby two main areas of activity of public administration – provision of administrative services and inspection activity.

Aim of the article. At the same time, there is a certain part of relations that requirethe systematic application of various norms, concepts and approaches, for their justified coverage by the subject of the LAP. In particular, this concerns the activities of professional self-government bodies, access to public services, and even access to communal services of general interest. This area is not so obvious for Ukrainian specialists, and even more so for practice. This requires a functional interpretation of the category “administrative body”, a comprehensive understanding of the category“administrative act”, a correct understanding of the content and boundaries of the categories “public administration” and “functions of public administration”. This publication is dedicated to this issue.

Results. On the basis of the above-described categorical apparatus, their systematic interpretation and complex application, there is an opportunity to reveal the full potential of the subject of LAP, to cover all relations belonging to its sphere.

Conclusions. An important result of this analysis is the awareness of the exclusive role of the Administrative Law for administrative law in general. After all, this Law inpractice introduces the concept of the rule of law into the activities of public administration, contributes to the democratization of the entire governance system, and the Europeanization of our state. The LAP also unifies the key terminology of administrative legislation with the corresponding terminology of the EU and its member states. It is in this Law that the concept of “public administration” finally appears for the first time in Ukrainian legislation.

Key words: general administrative procedure, administrative act, administrativebody, public administration, functions of public administration.


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