Communicative aspect of legal behavior

Goncharuk A. Communicative aspect of legal behavior

The article deals with the phenomenon of legal behavior of the individual as a means of communication between the individual and the social environment.

Established that in modern knowledge of legal behavior must consider its communicative nature, which is to provide a connection between the individuals and the social environment.

Research methodology of communicative aspect of behavior involves anthropologicalcommunicative approach and the foundations of semiotics of law. Anthropological-communicative approach is the relationship of the individual and society. It is based on the synthesis of individual and social aspects of the law. Semiotics of law provides analysis of legal conduct as a system of symbols and signs, as a form of legal communication.

The definition of legal behavior as logically ordered set of socially relevant actions of entities, which are caused by psychological, legal and social factors and entail legal consequences.

In this definition we primarily interested in regulatory signs and the presence of legal consequences, that represent the legal element of behavior. Legal consolidation of standards of behavior is a way of communication between actions of entities and legal action mechanism, that is incorporated in the law and is activated by the response on it. A legal consequences of acts most often the result that the person wants or knowingly allows his appearance.

Through legally significant effect, the person shall notify all interested parties of the content of their behavior and its possible consequences.

Legal behavior is a communicative tool that achieves the goal using fixed normative legal mechanism that is triggered as a result of legal activity subject and establishes a relationship between the subject and other stakeholders.

The essence of the law indicates its vocation to regulate the actions of individuals as members of society, that is it sets the rules of mutual connection between subjects, making their actions understandable for each other. Each legal fact inextricably associated with a specific content, meaning, associated with a particular image. In behavior occurs the transformation of incentives in the internal concepts and then – in signs and symbols.

Legal behavior as a set of legal acts is also a type of legal characters. Doing some physical action individual according to established procedures declares all stakeholders on the application of a rule of law.

Legal behavior serves as a means of communication: legal actions are symbols that perform communicative function between the individual, society and the state as the main actors in the social system.

Law is significant communicative model; it models the main examples of social behavior, including legal relations and legal reality within the framework of normative and regulatory sphere.

Legal characters as elements of the legal behavior generally accepted as iconic images of people, their needs and purposes, give participants information about legal options of desired, permitted and prohibited behavior.

For other legal entities, that are incorporated in the behavior of the characters, it can carry information about the future actions, can obtain preventive character, induce corresponding actions and more.

It is proved that the perception of the legal character contributes to the quality of legal cooperation in society. Determined the role of the communicative aspect in the general concept of legal behavior.

Research communicative aspect is essential in coherent doctrinal concept of legal behavior and outlines new prospects of scientific knowledge

Key words: legal behavior, social communication, character, semiotics of law.

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