Makarenko L. Right – world view – culture: questions of interaction

Makarenko L. Right – world view – culture: questions of interaction

A culture which arrives at the real unity and integrity exactly in a right is examined in the article. A right develops in the bowels of the earth of culture, and also, a right is an important of forming culture factor which is instrumental in development of civilization.

It is marked that question about attitude toward the world, about the place of man in the world is the basic question of world view, not deciding him, a man will not be geared-up to the well-organized, grounded choice of vital trajectories in all spheres of life and activity.

Culture on the whole and every its element is incarnated the special collective experience of adaptation of people to the concrete terms of vital functions during the protracted historical period which is characteristic for certain community of people.

Meaningfulness of culture especially grows presently, in connection with the necessity of native improvement nacional-patriotic, interethnic, moral education of person, forming truly of humanism world view. A conclusion is done, that a right shows by itself the meaningful phenomenon of civilization and culture, which called to regulate public relations in the conditions of democracy, economic freedom, individual freedom.

Exactly events which take place presently in a country witnessed once again, that state independence is proclaimed in 1991 needs permanent defence and deep understanding, estimation of that which takes place round us. Today as never Ukrainian society is ready to defend national values, Ukrainian state system, orientation on fundamental orientiri of world civilization.

Key words: culture, right, legal culture, value of right, world view.

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