Hurova A.

Hurova A. Public policy analisys in the sphere of space activity of Ukraine (on the example of mitigation of space debris)

The article devoted to analysis of public policy of Ukraine in the field of space debris mitigation through the prism of three areas of intervention: 1) developers of space technologies; 2) manufacturers of space technology; 3) subjects of informing about the situation in space. Within each of these areas, the hypothesis of intervention, the triangle of policy actors, public policy products are distinguished. Evaluation of the effectiveness of its implementation is also conducted.
The analysis of public policy within the first and second areas of intervention allows author to conclude that they are facing problems at the programming stage, since the littering of the near-Earth space is currently regulated under other public policies aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the domestic space industry, but is not absorbed of it. So realisation of public policy in the spehere of mitigation of space debris depends on the success of the implementation of such priority, and therefore postponed to a more distant perspective.
About the third sphere of interference with this public policy can only be spoken conditionally, since it is currently only at the stage of the formation of a political-administrative actors and a political-administrative program.
As the result of this study it is formed the basis for outlining the directions of space public policy improvement, in particular, in the sphere of space debris mitigation

Key words: public policy, sphere of intervention, target group, political- administrative actores.


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