Andriyko O. F.

Andriyko O. F. Centralization and decentralization of the public administration: the correlation between them

The reform of the national model of the public administration system in Ukraine takes place in a context of restructuring of the entire governance mechanism in the state and a new stage of the development of our society. Decentralization is one of the priorities of state policy in the field of the public administration activity. Among the problems that follow this process, the topic of the correlation between centralization and decentralization in the public administration system is important. Its importance in current conditions of structural and functional reorganization of the mechanisms of public administration makes reference to the conditions of development of the theoretical principles of the centralization and decentralization in the public administration and the legal support of their practical implementation.
The centralization of public administration is seen as the construction of a  system of bodies according to the hierarchical principle and the power of higher bodies in the hierarchical system to consider and make decisions on all matters within their competence and within the competence of the lower bodies.
The most functions and powers are transferred from the level of central bodies to the lower level during the process of the decentralization. A significant part of their implementation is passed to the local executive bodies or local self-government bodies.
The principles of centralization and decentralization can take place at the different levels and can be considered in different aspects so they can have different meaning in different contexts. However, their implementation has its limits, because the opposition of these principles is relative, and their balanced combination provides a balance in the public administration.
The correlation between the principles of centralization and decentralization in the public administration is a complex problem, the research on which requires theoretical and practical orientation and sensitivity as well as focus on the needs of current development of the state and society.

Key words: centralization, decentralization, concentration, deconcentration, delegation, state administration.


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