Stoyko O. M.

Stoyko O. M. Foreign approaches to the classification of information policy

The concept of information policy, which began to acquire forms of national information policy in the 1970s, is considered. The foreign approaches to its classification are analyzed, including such aspects as: technical and scientific information; library; information and communication technology (ICT); social issues; government information and economy.
The first group includes such aspects as: ICT infrastructure, electronic resource acquisition, improvement in services, communication with usage and feedback, effective usage of resources, electronic library and shared information. The second aspect includes issues such as: book access, collection policy, content distribution, information network system; data usage and distribution; digital archive; expert in information and occupation; library repository, public access etc. The ‘social’ researches focused on issues such as: collection rights; data protection, access; freedom of speech; information literacy or digital literacy; information security; information society, global village; privacy; quality of life; social contract.

Key words: information policy, information and communication technologies, information society, access to information.


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