Tarasyuk V.

Tarasyuk V. Information space in Ukraine: challenges and threats

The article deals with actual problems in connection with the termination of analogue with the transition to digital television broadcasting. Analyzing the causes and consequences of coding of satellite television. Exploring the ways of minimizing the influence of external information aggression.
Due to insufficient regulation in the national information space of Ukraine, there are a number of negative phenomena that hinder the development of market players and provide information rights and freedoms of citizens, and sometimes create threats to the national security of Ukraine.
The countries of Europe, protecting their own democratic values, centuries-old traditions and human rights gains, are forced to seek ways to restrict freedom of expression [the democracy] in order to protect democracy as such. In fact, information aggression, the consequences of which damage considerably exceeds the capabilities of conventional weapons, prompts a temporary restriction of democracy in order to preserve democratic values in the future.
Draw attention to the need to determine the country’s information security as one of the key areas of the national security strategy. Given the reactive development of information technology, the growing impact of mass media, the use of social networks and other Internet resources as the most common means of conducting information warfare (information aggression), the monitoring of media / MMC activities, the electronic press and other information Internet resources must be intensified. and news agencies. In this context, the temporary restriction of democracy should be considered as a way of self-preservation of democratic traditions in the future. Democracy can be limited only to the period of elimination of the threats of its continued existence. At the same time, such measures can only be applied in countries with stable democratic institutions that can fulfill the function of safeguards for possible abuses of the ruling elite.

Key words: information security, information policy, television broadcasting, state policy, regulation of the sphere of information technologies.


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