Boiko O. V.

Boiko O. V. Institutional structure of scientific activity: comparative aspect

The article discuses the different forms of scientific research activity. The consideration of academician’s views caused the extracting sectors of scientific activity as academicals, university and innovative.
The analyzed different science entities in foreign countries led to the best practices in this sphere understanding.
In Ukraine the three sectors are defined: academical, educational, industrial. Nowadays in Ukraine the most useful for Ukrainian prosperity is technopark.
This meets the western countries’ practice, where the research are held mainly at the universities.
Here in Ukraine we have different situation, where science and education are separated. But scientific entities lean to the educational, or educational entities lean to the scientific – the both, as far as reforms are carried out.
In Denmark, for instance, the practice of rapprochement of the science with education and industry was introduced in 2001, and made fruits so far. The similar core we can see in Ukrainian technoparks, which quantities was 16, but now – only 8.
In Europe and USA the spin-off scientific centers are quite popular, so author suggests the same way for Ukraine – so called spin-off companies which are expected to be successful start-ups.
Educational institutions ought to develop study activity, academical sector promote scientifically researches and industrial forms help to produce innovations. Thus, all sectors of scientific activity should advance mutually for improving each other.

Key words: sector, scientific activity, innovation, techno park.

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