Luhova Y. V.

Luhova Y. V. Concept of law-enforcement activity

Over the past decades, Ukraine has won its independence and has established itself as an independent state in the world community. It makes sure steps towards updating all spheres of public life, its democratization, involvement in the achievements of modern civilization development, European values. 409
An important factor in the successful advancement of deep democratic reforms is the expansion of the social base of the state, the delegation of certain functions of the state to civil society institutions and local self-government bodies. 409
The development of the modern state in the direction of implementing the principles of priority rights and freedoms of human and citizen significantly increases the scientific and theoretical significance of research activities of the state, which is directly related to ensuring the legal status of man, the protection of his rights and freedoms, the creation of general conditions for safe development as some individuals and their collectives. 
Therefore, in today’s conditions of development of state and law, the need for scientific rethinking of the functions of the state and the law is increased in order to develop effective ways and means of their realization, aimed at preserving the stability of social relations, the regime of inviolability of human rights and freedoms.
In legal science, as in the legislation, there is no uniform approach to defining the concept of law enforcement activity. Differences in the views of scientists in relation to this concept are based on different approaches to understanding and due to the lack of a legal definition of law enforcement activities of the state. The only understanding of this phenomenon is not only theoretical but also its practical significance, since its absence results in a lack of clarity in the delineation of the competence and powers of different law enforcement agencies, duplication of their functions, uncoordinated interactions.
The article is devoted to the study of theoretical characteristics of the concept of «law-enforcement activity», to define of its essential features. It was analyzed different doctrinal approaches to the definition of this category, as well as it’s value for the modern legal science, going is generalized near classification of law-enforcement activity.
The author gives the actual concept of law-enforcement activity. Law enforcement activities are continuous, coordinated and active actions of state bodies, public associations and organizations regulated by law and aimed at creating conditions for the smooth implementation of legal norms, subjective rights and freedoms, prevention and detection of offenses that are being committed or are already committed, with the purpose of prevention, termination, elimination of negative consequences, restoration of violated rights, compensation of losses and bringing the perpetrators to responsibility.

Keywords: law enforcement, concepts, law enforcement, law enforcement system. 

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