Nekoliak R.

Nekoliak R. Legal aspects of financing scientific and scientific-technical activities. 

This article analyzes the legal aspects of the financial provision of scientific and scientific and technical activities. Based on the analysis of articles of the Law on «On Scientific and Scientific Technical Activities» the features of budget and grant financing are discussed. The existing theoretical approaches concerning directions of improvement of financial provision of science are examined as well as experience of European Union countries in organizing and regulating the financing of scientific sphere.
The necessity of improving financing of scientific and scientific-technical activity is emphasized taking into account the significance of science for the development of Ukraine’s economy. The obvious need for the operation of the National Research Foundation without delay is highlighted.
The article substantiates the idea of a phased increase in the financing of scientific activity due to the present stage of the development of society, state policy in the field of scientific and scientific and technical activities, the state of science and science institutions. Under these circumstances guaranteeing the efficient use of funds allocated from the state budget and creating conditions for extrabudgetary financing of science sphere is necessary.
In order to realize these objectives, it is necessary to conduct a state certification, audit of research institutions, to evaluate the effectiveness of their scientific, technological and innovation activity and as a result bring basic budget funding according to the results of their work. The results of research institution state inspection are the first step towards an independent and transparent evaluation of their value and benefits for the state and its economy. Also, it is significantly important to implement mechanisms of encouraging and stimulating businesses to finance scientific and technical activities.

Key words: scientific and scientific-technical activity, financial support, budget financing, grant financing.


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