Solomatin Yevheniy.

Solomatin Yevheniy. The concept of investigative jurisdiction

The present paper concentrates on formulating the definition of the concept of investigative jurisdiction. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the existing definitions of the aforementioned concept and the scientists’ views on the institution of investigative jurisdiction. Considered here are key features of the institution of investigative jurisdiction and the main functions it performs as an institution of the criminal procedural law.
The criminal justice system of Ukraine is currently undergoing a process of reforming. The need for the modernization of the law enforcement and criminal justice systems of Ukraine is now universally acknowledged. One of the major goals of the aforementioned reform is to increase the effectiveness of the services and agencies responsible for conducting pre – trial investigations, as pre – trail investigation is an important part of the criminal process. The institution of investigative jurisdiction is of great importance for the pre – trial procedure, as defining the agency which is supposed to conduct the investigation depends on this institution. Disagreements between different agencies concerning investigative jurisdiction have a negative effect on the effectiveness of the investigation. Thus, thorough research in this field is needed. One of the problems which need to be resolved is the problem of defining the very concept of investigative jurisdiction. 

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