Ivanova A. Yu.

Ivanova A. Yu. Discussion on constitutionalizing of the Ukrainian State of 1917–1921th

In the article the author analyzes the state of modern historiography on the problem of the Ukrainian revolution. Separate attention is paid to the analysis of modern events understanding of federation and sovereignty.
The Central Rada saw the UPR as part of a federal republic in the federation as a Union of free peoples. "The Russian Federation will be the European Union, and then the World Union" - the words that emphasize the essence of the concept of federalism, dominant at that time in the Ukrainian society and advocated by the UPR leaders. In fact, this idea did not deny the idea of the State independence and independence of sovereign Ukraine, but was only a form of its achievement.
Two main tools are used in this article. This, first of all, studies the history of certain terms and reveals their content content in the studied historical conditions. Secondly, the involvement in the analysis of the documents of the historical context in which they acted, as well as the identification of the legal consequences generated by the documents.
The main thing was that actually the realization of the UNR as an independent independent state began before the proclamation of the Fourth Universal, and it was associated with the proclamation of the Third Universal.

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