Andrusyak T.

Andrusyak T. On the issue of Ukrainian legal thought and the acceptance of Ukrainian statehood.

The collapse of the Soviet Union in the transformation of the Soviet republics to independent states was unexpected for both the international community and for the leadership of the Republican Party. This resulted in negative consequences that emerged on the international scene recognition Russian the only successor of the USSR, on the other – to usurpation the leadership of the Republican Communist Party, which was negative to efforts in build national statehood. In Ukraine, in contrast to the national statehood was put forward the idea of historical and territorial foundations of modern Ukraine with reference to the “thousand-year tradition of state in Ukraine” and multinational (over 100 nationalities) the composition of the “people of Ukraine.” This radically distinguishes modern Ukraine from West Ukrainian People’s Republic, Ukrainian People’s Republicformed a single united Ukraine after the Unification Act. Their formation was the will of the Ukrainian people, who have kept their national identity and realized their right to self-determination and establish their own national state that would encompass all Ukrainian lands, regardless of existing for many centuries national borders. Today Ukraine has only prospect for development as a nation state based legal system which will serve achievements Ukrainian legal thought.

Key words: Ukrainian statehood and Ukrainian legal thought, the national state, the right of people to self-determination, succession, continuity.

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