Denysov V. N.

Denysov V. N. International Community as a Legal Reality of International Relations

International community being relatively a new category of international relations is characterized by its own peculiarities which make an essential influence on the historical development of these relations including the sphere of relating them by the international law.

Universality of international relations, first of all in the sphere of international economies and in accordance with it universality of the international law in the middle of 19 century became the all-powerful factor known today as globalization. Namely in the conditions of globalization two world were unleashed and overcoming of their results led to the institualization of international relations and the law. It assisted to creation of the Organization of United Nations and installation in it’s Charter the international order based on the corresponding balance of world war. No doubt, important role in this process belonged to nuclear arms which were a decisive factor of prevention of the war. So, the international community which is also the legal reality plays a determinative role in keeping peace and security and decision of many global problems which may be decided only by common efforts of peoples and states as its participants.

In the conditions of violated balance of world forces that became the result of the breakup of the USSR the common interests of states and peoples connected with proper activities of the international community often and often are given to the interests of separate states and their groups. It leads to chaos in the international relations accompanied by a fall of the authority of international law creating a threat to existence of the Organization of United Nations as the most important instrument of prevention of the third world war.

Key word: the international community, the international law, the activities of the international community, the crisis of international relations and international law.

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