Hudoyar L. V.

Hudoyar L. V. Legal regulation of the status of the population Hetmanate by acts of Hetman Ivan Mazepa

The activities of Ivan Mazepa (March 20, 1639 – September 21, 1709) is highlighted in numerous writings of historians and historians of law. However, the researchers ignored so far remained law-making powers Hetman and, in particular, Hetman acts regulating the legal status of the population of Hetmanate.

Hetman Ivan Mazepa as head of state, had been given discretionary powers, which gave him the opportunity to individually adjust their regulations the status of all classes and strata of the population Hetman and define the scope and content of their rights and responsibilities.

Standard-setting activities of active Mazepa was caused primarily by his desire to restore the integrity and the autonomous status of Ukraine divided after Andrusovo separate agreement dated February 9, 1667 between Muscovy and the Rzeczpospolita.

Mazepa, on the one hand, was interested in preserving the thirty thousand of Cossack Registry, on the other hand, like his predecessors, sought to prevent excessive pokozachennya peasantry and middle class, which undermined the economic foundations of the Cossack estates and monastic estates. Mazepa in its law acts secured process separation of the legal status and extent of subjective rights and legal duties officers and rank and file Cossacks. Acts Hetman was assigned to duty of country-people had to serve serfdom.

Rule-making activity Hetman was aimed at implementing his concept of strong, militarily, economically and politically, united autonomous Ukrainian state. This plan, in particular, provided a clear division of society into classes and legal settlement of the legal status of certain groups.

Key words: Hetman Ivan Mazepa, the legal status of population, legal regulation, lawmaking powers, law acts.

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