Kuzheliev О. M.

Kuzheliev О. M. Legal services: to determine the essence and content

In the article explored the essence of the «service» as a social category. Societal content «services» is defined by the fact that they are a form of social interaction and contribute to a relationship between the subjects in which one entity performs actions in the interests of the other to achieve useful results.

Service category as multidimensional, studied different subjects: pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, medicine, sociology, economics, law. That is the result of the existence of such categories as: economic services, psychological services, medical services, social services, legal services. The legal services are a form of social services and to dissociate oneself from them by the need to allowance the legal interests of privies are proved.

It should be noted that in the legal literature ongoing debate regarding understanding the concepts of «legal services» and «juridical services», which is the cause of the various points of view regarding the content of these concepts.

The analysis of scientific approaches to understanding the nature of legal services. Supports the view of experts that do not see the difference between the terms «law», «legal», «juridical» services because they represent services in the field of law.

Proved that the lack of unity in understanding the nature of legal services, due to the complex problems of legal regulation of legal relations and ambiguity in the application of regulations in critical situations in terms of providing business legal services.

In domestic legislation contained no unambiguous definition of law services. The made a conclusion about exclusion to distribution of concepts between «legal» and «juridical» services.

Legal service is an act to ensure and protect the rights and legitimate interests of public relations, and obtain the desired result of beneficiaries is a consequence of what constitutes content services.

Key words: a service, legal services, juridical services, legal interests, privies.

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