Nekoliak Roman

Nekoliak Roman. The international experience of state regulation of science activities.

This article analyzes the international experience of state regulation of science, technology and innovation. This includes observing the features of scientific, technological and innovation policies in different countries. In general, article seeks to clarify the ways of improvement of governmental policy on research and development based on foreign experience.

The dynamic development of the modern world requires introduction of a qualitatively new state policy in the sphere of science. The adoption of the The Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Scientific Technical Activities” indicates on willingness of the government to carry out major changes in this sphere. The law proclaims readiness of Ukrainian scientists to meet scientific challenges of the 21st century. In effort to reform the system of state regulation of science activities, more precise look on foreign experience is necessary.

As a result of global change, cooperation with other countries in the fields of technology and development is inevitable. For effective cooperation, it is necessary to study foreign experience. Particularly, such experience is beneficial for improvement of the regulation of scientific activity and choosing the most efficient approach of state funding. Moreover, Ukrainian academe is also should be more familiar with rules and regulations adopted in other countries. This knowledge will assist us in gaining international regard and importance.

The article observes the features of science, technology and innovation policies in Finland, France, USA, South Korea and Poland. These particular countries were chosen due to their success in providing effective research and flexible approach in financing science. Generalized international experience gives examples of balanced participation of state in regulation of scientific activities.

The successful development of science in Ukraine requires well-judged government policy, long-term and predictable investments in science, and provision of academic freedom. From the success of these reforms depends whether Ukrainians will live in a highly educated, developed, successful society.

Key words: science, technology and innovation, resource support, selective science, technology and innovation policy.

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