Нubar K. A.

Нubar K. A. The study of views on church law in the works of Petrо Oleksandrovich Lashkarev

A review and analysis of the views of  P. A. Lashkarev on church law during his activity at the Kyiv Theological Academy are carried out. Brief biographical information about Professor P. A. Lashkarev is given.
Lashkarev Petr (1833-1899) – Lawyer, Professor of Kyiv Theological Academy and an assistant professor in the department of Kiev University of canon law. He studied at the Kyiv Theological Academy.

Characterized are the programs of church and canon law. The professor concluded that the fundamental source of law contained in human nature or in natural or divine law that applied in the creation of man is the way it is, and providing a person of such conditions of intellectual and moral development.

Professor distinguishes three main periods in the history of church law: apostolic, old and new.

The first period covers the first three centuries of Christianity, the second period coincides with the period of ecumenical and local councils, third starts from the time of Patriarch Photios and separation of churches. And this period is sufficiently formed legislation. Legislatures have some churches decide private matters based on ancient church law. Works of famous cantonments aimed at studying the ancient church law, establish a relationship and common law are against him educate. Divine Law is divided into right, this whole human race, and in this one people.

Lashkarev shares the ecclesiastical law for public and separate (private), internal and external, for personal, in rem and judicial or in administrative and judicial, and so on. The major divisions of law, according to the philosopher, is public and separate (private).

Key words: legal science, legal education, the Orthodox Church, State, Kyiv Theological Academy.

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