Onischenko N.

Onischenko N. The state, civil society and public life: some aspects of the review

One can hardly deny that today rapidly redistribution of social space between the state and civil society, rather than it is axiomatic position. () The balance of the redistribution largely depends on the quality of our lives depend.

The current state of Ukrainian society requires the scientific community find answers to societal impulses, including necessary reform strategy from non-constructive attempts to replace the state to civil society efforts aimed at their balanced interaction. It is the principle of social and political balance in the relationship of law and civil society that should be the basis for correction and the correction is not stable economic situation.

Interestingly, the current political and legal processes in Ukraine, are issues related to legal and public activity of citizens. It is no secret that during the critical processes in the right-nation greatly increased social, general and legal activity in particular.

However, a gap of modern scientific achievements, emphasizes once again it should be considered as lack developments interaction between state, civil society and social reality of such phenomena as social life. Thus, the question arises whether the right of legal and scientific perspectives, perceive civil society exclusively as a center of some NGOs. The fact that NGOs were designed and created for different purposes, with different “software” and prognostic guidance, various spheres of activity and influence, and though it does implicitly, different ideological background. After all, one of the bottom-oriented “sports” theme, others – on ethnic environment, some protect certain rights, others on the contrary they promote.

It civic education is a necessary foundation for revival in these conditions, respect for rights, rule of law, the principle of legality, increasing the authority of the law, which is an important task or representatives of domestic science, and can serve as an important task of civil society, the development of modern legal world. Therefore, without offering a new “recipes for instant recovery society,” given that this is not a day, week or month process that the company cannot “recover” for “magic” and confidence in the law, the law and regime legitimacy cannot occur immediately at the request of the authorities as well as representatives of society, we want to emphasize the need to rely on the practical significance of the problem of performance, efficiency, effectiveness, civic education in the life of civil society, human state of intense public life.

Key words: civil society, state, social life, civic education, civil society institutions.

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