Parkhomenko N.

Parkhomenko N. Social dialogue in Ukraine: problems and prospects

Establishing social partnership, dialogue, the content of which is social relations is part of the integration Of Ukraine to the EU. The formation of the national model of social partnership in Ukraine amid deep economic and socio-political crisis that has led to the impoverishment of broad strata of the population, reducing the small and medium business, which in the developed countries is the basis of the general welfare; political instability and populism; direct significant funds on defence and security; the emergence of new segments of the socially disadvantaged groups, etc.

Social dialogue between entrepreneurs and employees takes place thanks to the work of the National Trilateral socio-economic Council, which has the recommendation, consultative and advisory powers.

One of the legal remedies in the field of social dialogue, there is general agreement on regulation of the basic principles and norms of the realization of socio-economic policy and labour relations in Ukraine, which has a frame and advisory in nature, since the failure of its provisions does not assume legal liability of the parties to its conclusion. In addition, the implementation of the provisions of the agreement involves the development and adoption of a series of laws and regulations, the establishment of institutional mechanisms and others in need of financial and personnel resources and can leave this declarative.

Among the unresolved problems in the social sphere: the weakness of the trade unions as representative and defender of the interests of workers; in the process of social dialogue the parties employers, which primarily will lobby their own interests in bodies of Executive and legislative power; formal collectively-contract process; irresponsibility of social partners for failure accepted them collective agreements and contracts, etc.

Key words: social dialogue, social partnership, General Agreement, employers, workers, Trade Union.

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