Tarasyuk Volodymyr

Tarasyuk Volodymyr. About the state policy of regulation of information technology in the war with Russia

The reasons and consequences of the «informational occupation» of Ukraine. The ways to overcome in the field of information security crisis. We analyze the state policy of Ukraine in the sphere of regulation of information technology, namely the implementation of the information and the defensive functions of the state.

Does not require proof of the fact that information technology is raising a lesser threat than terrorism, guerrilla warfare or use of improvised explosive devices. These challenges require the government institution implementation of information and defense functions. The implementation of the state policy on regulation of information technology is not limited to the adoption of any other legal acts. State policy in the sphere of information, information technology, information security primarily realized through the formulation of relevant state programs, strategies, concepts that shape the activities of the information market.

Today’s global information space is a product of the concept of free flow of information that has prevailed over the opposite concept – “national information sovereignty”. His crisis generated and Russian attempts to destroy the “new world order” and organize (revive) world order, where Russia would be one of the centers of power. The concept of free flow of information, which would ensure stable and progressive development of societies, has been used in RF destructive purposes, allowing it to develop a new concept of propaganda that researchers are increasingly called propaganda 2.0.

Key words: government policy, information technology, information security, information occupation, information and the defensive function of the state.

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