Problems of interaction of management and policy in implementation process

Skrypniuk O. Problems of interaction of management and policy in implementation process of the government in Ukraine

The article analyze problems of functioning of system of the government through a management system prism by the major spheres public and legal and social and economic life and through a form of the power and the imperious relations. From the theoretical point of view of a combination of organizational and managerial and political aspects in the course of implementation of the government is reached due to accurate distribution between political and managerial functions of public authorities. The effective analysis of managerial systems assumes availability of one of its main signs – a political neutrality of rational bureaucracy in political preferences. In functioning and implementation of the government two main directions of this process are accurately allocated: implementation of the political and legal practice connected with activities of all public authorities and all government employees; adoptions of political decisions on identification of the strategic is also state law-making reference points, development of programs of political and legal and social and economic development. With the first activity of public authorities professionalism and competence, with the second – especially political activities and responsibility for adoption of political decisions are associated.

Interaction managerial and political aspects in the course of implementation of the government are accurately traced in functioning of the executive authority, from the point of view of «politichnost» comes to the forefront between legislative and judicial authority. The legislature is political already by the most determination as in the course of its activities receive expression interests of the state public power, political interests of classes and social groups.

Through adoption of laws, it determines the purposes, reference points, models, implementation which are directed on an embodiment in life of strategic tasks of development: market, socially oriented market and state and administrative models of economy.

Judicial authority in classical option of implementation is the least politically dependent that is determined by its essence, the principles, specifics of its tasks which can’t depend on political reasons and preferences. The lowest level of politization of judicial authority is explained by that, it is deprived of powers of influence on political life and on process of development and adoption of political decisions.

Specific of activities of the executive authority consist in the political and technical institutes and bodies provided in it. Balancing of political and bureaucratic aspects of activities of their bodies are possible because transfer of distribution functions on market mechanisms, providing system of public control over management processes, synchronization of political goals and bureaucratic means in the course of public management. The executive authority in Ukraine is in a difficult condition. It spend efforts to ensuring accomplishment of political decisions and to fight against extremely strong destabilizing both internal and external tendencies.

There is a prompt strengthening of influence of politically irresponsible bureaucratic structures of the government, within the competence attach key executive, functions fundamental decisions in the field of implementation of a state policy and lawmaking.

Optimum model of interaction political and bureaucratic in the course of activities of the government assumes lack of a situation in case of which these two aspects or completely absorb each other, or do not interact in general. Complete subordination of management functions to political goals causes transformation of management personnel on the mechanism of servicing of political elite. Full relief of bureaucratic apparatus from control of politicians is dangerous. Absence of control of activities of management personnel causes high concentration of the power and distances the state and its bodies from the constituent power (people).

In the conditions of formation of democratic system of the government it is necessary to realize a condition of the mode of its activities constantly; when it make political decisions and when it has to be concentrated on implementation of those purposes and installations which were already accepted. Eclecticism of political and managerial views does state power structures less capable to the problem resolution of society.

Key words: government, policy, management, ratio of political and bureaucratic, political interest, principles and essence of the power, determinants, balance, ratio, bureaucratic and political aspect.

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