Сivil society and informative society

Kostecka T. A. Сivil society and informative society: conceptual and normative aspects of the interrelation

This article reviews the main conceptual bases of development of civil society in Ukraine as an information society; in the context of the new paradigm of national constitutionalism, the areas of such bases improvement are specifying.

The current issues of Ukrainian civil society formation, its actual state and perspectives are exploring in conditions of democratic movement to the European standards.

The number of problems, without the proper development and solution of which cannot be its effective functioning.

It points to the necessity to improve the mechanisms of constitutional and legal regulation of civil society’s major institutions.

It emphasized that the parameters of modern civil society and its perspectives are inseparable from the construction in Ukraine full information society.
Some methodological approaches to the interpretation of civil society as an information society are offering. The dialectical interrelation between these institutions are substantiatin

Key words: society transformation, civil society, civil society institutions, informational relations; informative society.

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