Derec V. A.

Derec V. A.

Legal principles of organization of executive bodies in Ukraine are higlighted in this article.

Author emphasizes high importance of research on issues of the system of executive bodies and its inner relations against the background of processes of improvement of public administration, which now take place in Ukraine.

The issues of legal regulation of functioning of central executive bodies are analyzed.

Achievements of administrative reform include, in particular, the Law of Ukraine «On central executive bodies». However, its analysis gives right to different scientists to criticize its disadvantages.

Noteworthly is the issue of articles, due to which reformed executive bodies work.

Organisational model of public administration can’t be effective if relations betweeen its elements are not developed. Author considers the criteria for evaluation and degree of development of relationships inside the system of executive bodies, and makes suggestions for improvement of its legal regulation. Each type of administrative relations has its criteria for evaluation and degree of its development. Level of development of administrative relations depends on preparations and cooperation between its members.

The solution of problems of legal regulation of organization of executive bodies system

mentioned above and adjustment of its inner relations will cause improvement of organizational structure of public administration.

Key words: the organizational structure of public administration, the executive bodies, ministries and other central executive bodies, administrative relations in the system of executive bodies.

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