On the issue of administrative services’ payment

Tymoshchuk V. P. On the issue of administrative services’ payment

The article highlights such an aspect of administrative services’ problems as the issues of their payment by citizens and enterprises. In particular, the article determines current problems of administrative services’ payment, including opacity of payment process from one side, and lack of public administration resources on a proper administrative services’ delivery from the other side.

The article determines the main reasons of problems of administrative services’ payment, including a chaotic development of legislation, formally free delivery of most administrative services (that causes illegal fees), budget underfunding of administrative authorities and their orientation on their own «making» money.

To solve these problems it is offered development and implementation of the new systematic legislative act that would regularize determination and order of administrative services’ payment (administrative fee). The new legislation must regulate clear criteria of pay/free administrative services, the order of determination of services’ cost, the order of payment for these services and using income from them.

It is also suggested to determine an administrative fee depending on the self cost of the specific administrative services’ delivery. Moreover it is offered to direct costs from administrative services to specific funds of budgets and not to general fund of state or local budget.

This rule and costs’ conjunction to administrative services’ providers will allow an improvement of motivation of qualitative administrative services’ delivery and provision of administrative services’ providers with all necessary resources.

The reform of administrative services’ payment must help to minimize corruption in this sphere and improve administrative services quality.

Key words: administrative services, payment of administrative services, administrative fee.

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