Anti-Criminogenic potential of public control in combating corruption criminality

Kozluk L. Anti-Criminogenic potential of public control in combating corruption criminality in environmental protection

The article shows preventive potential of social control in combating corruption criminality in the sphere of environmental protection. It is noted that todays corruption is an inherent part of any state and always present where public authority exist. Neither country has complete immunity from corruption – the only difference is in its entirety, way of expressing and size of impact on the social-economic and demographic situations.

There were proposed effective ways that would improve its effectiveness. It is noted, that effective public control stimulates beneficial, anti-corruption behavior of individuals in the environmental sphere and activity of the criminal justice system on environmental protection.

It is proved, that public environmental control is able and shall build so called barrier of negative public perception against existing criminally corruption actions in the environmental protection sphere. Thus, various environmental organizations should have a close relationship with the population at all. Lack of such a relationship makes it impossible to exercise effective control over the environmental condition of the country and to counter the spread of corruption in this area. Without successful public activity such positive steps in environmental protection enshrined in national environmental policy strategy, including combating corruption environmental crime, remain unrealized. Legal measures in counteracting corruption environmental crimes should be primarily aimed to the destruction of negative consumer selfish and irresponsible attitudes deformed environmental behavior as well as formation of the general public environmental legal anti-corruption awareness.

It is proved, that counteracting to corruption environmental crimes is required to be created on the need of ensuring of agreed actions of community as well as environmental protection and criminal justice agencies. Coordinated actions create opportunities to enhance the success of the work on prevention of corrupt dealings in the sphere of environmental protection.

Furthermore, quality performance by the competent entity assigned duties and functions of prevention clear distinction is necessary and prerequisite of effective functioning of the system counter. At the same time we should not forget that the success of anti-corruption in the environment depends on properly coordinated relationships between all subjects of environmental protection activities.

Cooperation between criminal justice and other environmental agencies with civil organizations of environmental protection orientation creates favorable conditions for joint efforts, which increases the potential anti-criminal environmental protection measures provides transparency and promotes optimal results with a significant saving capabilities and time. It is noted that people should stop leiving illusions as if the workers of various environmental agencies and environmental authorities provide them successfully countering to criminal corruption in the sphere of environmental protection, in particular create environmental wellbeing.

Therefore, citizens should themselves do everything to reduce corruption activity not only officials (service people), but their own corrupt activity in the sphere of environmental protection.

It is proved that the public, by realizing the control function may prevent adverse events that occur during the realization their duties as for environmental protection.

It was shown the necessity of introducing a permanent public monitoring not only the environment, but also the activities of public authorities in the sphere of environmental protection, their officers, it helps prevent corruption act in the environmental field.

Perfection and preventive potential, which may make public in combating corruption environmental crime depends on its information systems. Ignoring this factor reduces the effectiveness of such controls. Therefore, increase the efficiency of public control over the anti-corruption activities in the environmental sphere by using public cooperation with the media.

Key words: social control, corrupt criminality, environment protection, counteracting.

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