Mykola Vasylenko and Shevchenko Scientific Society

Andrusyak T. H. Mykola Vasylenko and Shevchenko Scientific Society

Complete and dynamic development of modern Ukrainian legal science and education requires updating and full inclusion in the scientific and educational process the intellectual heritage of previous generations of Ukrainian scientists and lawyers. One of the most prominent figures in Ukrainian legal science of the late XIX – the first third of the twentieth century is Mykola Vasylenko. Taking into consideration the existing legal restrictions, development of Ukrainian science, education and culture in general, within the Russian Empire was at most impossible. Therefore, Lviv becomes the center of the formation and development of modern Ukrainian science. Here, using the current constitutional law which provided opportunities for a comprehensive national development, Ukrainian people create their own first scientific institution – Shevchenko Scientific Society. Mykola Vasylenko considered Shevchenko Scientific Society as predecessor of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. The role and importance of Shevchenko Scientific Society in the development of Ukrainian science, the magnitude of Mykola Vasylenko and his impact on the formation and development of the Ukrainian historical, legal, historical and legal science and his active participation in the activities of the Society has a significant cognitive interest and promotes the creation of complete picture of Ukrainian science during this period.
Mykola Vasylenko was elected as a full member of Shevchenko Scientific Society in 1911. Cooperation with the Society began after the emergence of his works reviews. The authors of the reviews were Mykhaylo Hrushevsky, Ilia Shrah, Ivan Franko and others. Scientific works of Mykola Vasylenko were published in the “Notes of Shevchenko Scientific Society”.
Publication of the diary of Yakov Markovych (the General Treasurer) was an important result of his participation in the Archeographic Commission in Shevchenko Scientific Society.
Scientific discussion between Mykola Vasylenko and Mykhaylo Slabchenko on the pages of “Notes of Shevchenko Scientific Society” was of particular importance for the development of Ukrainian science in general, historical and legal research in particular. It was the first scientific discussion of Ukrainian scientists concerning the history of Ukrainian law on the pages of Ukrainian edition.
Mykola Vasylenko collaborated with the Shevchenko Scientific Society not only in scientific terms; he was actively interested in its activities, participated in the discussion on the development of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Thus, together with other members of the Shevchenko Scientific Society – scientists who lived and worked in the Russian Empire, Vasylenko opposed the attempts to amend the Charter of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, which played an important role in the preservation and further development of the Shevchenko Scientific Society as a nationwide scientific center, which united all Ukrainian scientists regardless of their place of residence and made it possible to create a single Ukrainian science without regard to the existing state borders.
Key words: Shevchenko Scientific Society, Mykola Vasylenko, “Notes of Shevchenko Scientific Society”, Ukrainian legal science, history of Ukrainian law.

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