The Russian legislative document XIX–XX centuries

Samoilenko O. O. Kochakov B. M. and his study of the origin of the Russian legislative document XIX–XX centuries

The main stages of the life and career of B. M. Kochakov and his achievements in the study of the Russian legislative document are highlighted. We study them to study the origin of the law, as well as clerical work mechanism for the development of his literary and legal forms of expression of the law. In ≪Russian legal document XIX – XX centuries≫ great attention is paid to the main stages of the passage of legislation of XIX–XX centuries, the analysis of the specific forms specific to each of these stages. The question – what is a legal document and what kind of written records of activities of government agencies should be assigned to this group.
Is considered four main stage of passage of the law: 1 – a legislative initiative, 2 – development (drafting and negotiating) proposed legislation, 3 – approval or authorization, 4 – disclosure. It is noted that each of these stages are inherent in the specific documentary form. Each of them is considered. As we can see, before you get legal status, the bill goes through several stages of development and preparation. Many government agencies, politicians, various social groups took part in its development and provided him a different effect, and only after approval of the project, and the king of its publication, he received the legal status of the law. It concludes that the documentation of legal institutions is of outstanding importance for historians and lawyers. As noted by B. M. Kochakov, knowledge of record keeping laws much easier task of scientists, as all documents are moved and postponed in certain matters, like the established order. Knowing these laws, the researchers will be able to know where the deposited documents that interests them.
Key words: law, outsourcing mechanism, the stage of the legislative process, project, petition.

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