The system of legal sources Hetmanat XVIIXVIII centuries

Hudoyar L. V Acts hetmans governance in the system of legal sources Hetmanat XVIIXVIII centuries.

Highlights the system features and sources of law of the Hetmanat. Acts hetmans governance in the system of legal sources Hetmanat was the autonomous subsystem of active at that time in the Ukrainian lands of complex set of sources of law Sources of law Hetmanat.
More important in system the sources of law of the Hetmanat had administrative acts.
Military-administrative and executive power in Hetmanat not separated from the legislature. The universal hetmans regulate a wide range of social issues were clear and stable , recognized by foreign public authorities, secured by state coercion and had higher legal force.
Legal acts of the Hetman include norms both material and procedural law, individual dictates and regulations, “model” of specific decisions and individual rules of conduct.
An attempt to characterize the nature and extent of ordering regulatory framework to govern the administrative process that was the main type of legal activity in the current Host. Classified acts of government hetmans the following criteria: form of expression for the legal properties; Legal consequences; by its content; the nature of actions. It was established that the acts of government were autonomous subsystem textual sources Hetman and regulate legal relations in private and public law, including legal relations in civil, financial, criminal, land law, public administration and administrative process, legal liability and so on.
The acts of government should recognize as an important sources of law, as they have the following symptoms: taken and supplied by the competent authority and state coercion, were official acts of the will of government agencies were overbearing and largely independent nature, acted as legal fact, regulate all important public relations in public administration.
The acts of government constituted a separate, and most basic, the number of acts subsystem in the system of sources of law Hetmanat.
Key words: Hetmanat, sources of law, administrative procedure, administrative acts, acts of government, legal awareness, textual sources of law.

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