The system of legal sources of URSR of the postwar period

Muzyka I. V. Joint legal acts of state bodies and public organizations in the system of legal sources of URSR of the postwar period

The article is an attempt to outline the main aspects of the definition of the role and place in the sources of law of the Ukrainian SSR of the postwar period common acts of government and NGOs in view of the considerable amount of legislation, much of which was not published in Soviet times and awaits its researchers.
Investigated the nature, content and validity of the joint acts of the government and NGOs. Done detailed analysis of the characteristics and legal value of the rules of regulations. Analysis of the content of these acts gave reason to believe that they mainly contain primary (abstract) rules of compulsory nature, which are then more specific executive authorities to have adopted by-laws. That is, in fact, these joint decisions were acts of higher legal force along with the laws adopted by the supreme legislative body.
Found that of the Soviet government and NGOs different from normal directives party regulatory nature, contain not only reference but mandatory rules and advice and appeals and is essentially the only party legally established, strong-willed contents of which are caused by the unity of the will of the party and government.
The system of legal sources of Soviet Ukraine postwar period reflected the transformation of the political regime of the USSR. Preferably, especially its structure conditioned by the political will of the ruling elite Communist Party.
The list of issues that are regulated by joint resolutions of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR and NGOs: the development of industry and agriculture, business management; issues of working hours and wages; improving health and community services, trade; development of capital construction, organizing individual and cooperative housing; improve the selection and training of scientific personnel; development and improvement of general and special education; development and improvement of legislation.
Key words: history of law, sources of law, common regulations of state and public organizations, legal force, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian RSR, the Ukrainian Republican Council of Trade Unions and the Central Committee of the Leninist Young Communist League of Ukraine.

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