The Ukrainian historical and legal science

Usenko I. B. M. P. Vasуlenko as the founder of the Ukrainian historical and legal science

The basis of the article posited the author’s report on the special general meeting of the Section of social and humanitarian Sciences of NAS of Ukraine on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the birth of M. P. Vasуlenko February, 19 2016. In the context of the overall research of rehabilitation of the scientist discusses the contribution of academician in the formation of the Ukrainian historical and legal scholarship. Says that at the beginning of his creative way he distinguished himself by priority research of law of Cossack Hetman age. Later, after the overthrow of Tsarist Russia and creation of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences within the academic Commission for studding of history of Western Russian and Ukrainian law,he did much to separate the history of Ukrainian law with history of neighboring Nations and, therefore, the definition of the subject matter of science of history of the Ukrainian law, which gradually evolve from the synthesis of the ≪Westryssian≫ and ≪Smallryssian≫ in the modern understanding, as well as for understanding the history of State and law as a legal and not historical science. Emphasizes that in the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences scientist has created a scientific school, achievements in the field of study of the history of Ukrainian state and law in many ways and remain second to none. This school is paired with the appropriate scientific worldview and research paradigms. Attention on the requirements that the representatives of the school made to scientific research (profound study of historiography of the problem, proof the scientific conclusions of the specific historical facts and reliance on primary source, scientific novelty, creative self etc.). Own creativity оf academician remains extremely modern in their methodology and fields of research, in particular on the development of legal archeography, legal source and legal biography studies.

Key words: Ukraine, Academy of Sciences, history of law, the subject of science, M. P. Vasуlenko.

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